Story Behind the Thomas Edison Light Bulb

The Thomas Edison light bulb is considered as the most useful invention of all time. This is understandable because without the pillar created by the Thomas Edison light bulb, maybe, we are still relying on gas lamp which was experienced a lot of years back. If you are going to review the progression of the Thomas Edison light bulb and how this was invented, you will find it amazing and comical. Thomas Edison managed to undergo hardships before ending up with his wonderful creation of Thomas Edison light bulb.


The Start of Thomas Edison Light Bulb

At a very young age, Thomas Edison managed to put up ideas on several inventions which made him a wonder kid in his time. Because his parents found that he is indeed an intelligent boy and that it will be a great investment if they will allow the young Thomas Edison to work on some of his great ideas, they decided to put up his own lab. However, this was burnt for unknown reasons. And this, urged him to look for ways to gain money and put back his lab again. It was then he found out that there is a demand for the light source and thousand of attempts already failed. He researched on it and found some plant species which will act as the filament of his light bulb. After testing the product, it lasted for 600 hours which gave him the chance of gaining recognition. A lot of people bought his Thomas Edison light bulb and in a short period of time, he built the Electrical Company which caters a lot of electricity-related products featuring the Thomas Edison light bulb.


Improvements on Thomas Edison Light Bulb

After Thomas Edison gained his popularity with the help of his invention, other manufacturers and inventors decided to copy his work and make it better. To maintain his popularity, he re-invented the Thomas Edison Light Bulb and made it a better one. It is no question why Thomas Edison successfully came up with hundreds of varieties of Thomas Edison light bulb which vary in uses and prices. Thomas Edison also experienced the difficulties in maintaining the company because most of his partners, decided to create their own company and be his competitor. Since Thomas Edison is really born to be a loner scientist and inventor, he managed to continue his work on Thomas Edison light bulb alone and thus, made him more popular.

After the successful trail of Thomas Edison light bulb in the market, a lot of changes happened. This urged the countries to set aside the demands for Thomas Edison light bulb. As of now, there is an ongoing crisis with regards to the environment called Global Warming. Global warming is an occurrence wherein high temperature is always recorded because of the electricity generated inside the atmosphere. Because the Thomas Edison light bulb is known to be very hungry for electric consumption, governments decided to remove this in the market. As of now, fluorescent lights are the priority rather than the Thomas Edison light bulb.