How Thomas Edison Light Bulb Started?

Among the inventions, it is the Thomas Edison light bulb which is considered as the most innovative invention of the 18th century. We are all aware that Thomas Edison is a very popular inventor because he successfully invented a lot of helpful tools especially the Thomas Edison light bulb. With the Thomas Edison light bulb, it lighted the whole New York at the time it was sold in the market.


Before the Thomas Edison Light Bulb

Before the invention of Thomas Edison light bulb, there are already lots of inventors who attempted to create a lighting tool because bat the early 18th century, gas lamps were the only source of light aside from the sunlight. 70 years before Thomas Edison invented the first successful light bulb, it was Humphrey Davy who attempted to create a new source of light back them. With his invention, he used 2 long charcoal rods which are powered by a superb heat. When that burns, the whole room will be lighted. However, the light lasted for a couple of minutes because of the sudden outburst of the light and also, it is inappropriate for home use because it is too bright. But because Thomas Edison found out that inventing the first light bulb would give him profits, he decided to research about this. In a short time, he found out that the carbonized thread can provide light for up to 600 hours which made him popular. The Thomas Edison light bulb was the one which lighted the whole New York back then.


Popularity of Thomas Edison Light Bulb

After the whole population found out that someone already invented the light source, the Thomas Edison light bulb became severely in demand and because of the numerous profits received by Edison, he eventually built the Edison Electrical Company. From there, the Thomas Edison light bulb easily gained popularity so as to Thomas Edison who is the great inventor. However, because of the popularity of Thomas Edison light bulb, different other companies managed to pirate the design which slowed down the sales of Thomas Edison light bulb. Still, Thomas Edison continued to produce variety of types of Thomas Edison light bulb and until now, his designs and structures for the light bulb is being adapted by young inventors.

As of now, the Thomas Edison light bulb is not that popular because according to the professionals, this consumes a lot of electricity compared to the new fluorescent lights. Still, some home owners managed to stick with the Thomas Edison light bulb not just because it is affordable, but it is believed to be brighter. Also, the light bulb created by Thomas Edison is being used on poultry to help the faster hatching of eggs. Because of the campaign against global warming, the design of the light bulb invented by Thomas Edison is slowly pacing out. This light bulb is now changed by the fluorescent light which is proven to be decently bright but uses lesser amount of electricity. Although this happens, it will always be a fact that the Thomas Edison light bulb started it all.